At Black Lives Matters Plaza

At Black Lives Matters Plaza

Black Lives Matters Plaza

Here you will find texts, photos, slideshows, videos, pdfs and other documents to help you share my experiences as a college professor. This digital portfolio traces the development of my career at Howard University since my appointment as Assistant Professor of New Media in the Department of Journalism in August 2008. I am proud of my accomplishments in the department, and I am excited about the merger with Radio, Television and Film, which created the Department of Media, Journalism and Film this fall.

Please click on the topics in top navigation or in the sidebar on the right to explore my teaching, research, service and professional development. All documents are either links to the original materials or links to screen shots of original materials. My application and cover letter are available in the About Me section.

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Note: All student work reproduced online are unedited and available for inspection.

  • Ingrid Sturgis, M.A.
  • Assistant Professor/New Media
  • Department Media, Journalism and Film
  • Howard University School of Communications
  • September 3, 2013
  • 525 Bryant St., N.W.
  • Washington, D.C . 20059
  • Phone: (202) 860-5124
  • Fax:  (202) 860-9227
  • Email: isturgis@howard.edu